Automate Remote Launcher using Llama

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The following instructions assume that Remote Launcher is already installed and configured

Remote Launcher features Android shortcuts that can be used to create shortcuts on the android home screen for easy and quick access to launchers.

These shortcuts can also be used together with "Llama - Location profiles" to launch programs etc automatically based on certain events that occur (like coming home, leaving work, at a certain time etc etc).

You may for example want to start your media center (Xbmc, iTunes, Boxee etc) when you come home.

To do so, first install Llama:

Then do the following:

  • Start Llama
  • Add a new area
    • Click the Areas tab
    • Click the "+" sign to add a new area and enter a name
    • Select a time in the popup menu that appears (e.g. 5 minutes) to let Llama scan the location for cells
  • Add a new event
    • Click the Events tab
    • Click the "+" sign to add a new event and name it
    • Click "Add Condition"
    • Select "Enter/In Areas"
    • Select the area created above and click "Ok"
    • Click "Add Action"
    • Select "Run App Shortcut"
    • Select "Remote Launcher" in the list that appears
    • Select if you want a regular launcher (to start a program) or Wake on LAN
      • If you selected the regular launcher, enter the launcher name (as configured in Remote Launcher Server) and click "Add Shortcut"
      • If you selected Wake on LAN, select the desired server from the drop down list and click "Add Shortcut"

Now the event is created and you can test it out by click the "Test Actions" button in Llama.